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New Ontario Website Grant Programs 2022

Ontario Grant Programs 2022

NEW Revised post available with information for – 2023 Ontario Website Grant Programs

New website grant programs are now available, as of spring 2022, for Ontario businesses.

After a complicated couple of years of Covid, some much-needed assistance is coming to small businesses across the province. Two grant programs are now available and are specifically aimed at improving your website and online presence.


Grant Option 1 – Website & Digital Marketing

This grant is geared at the following:

  • Website Improvements – including re-design or improvements of an existing website
  • Development of a brand-new website.

Important: If you have received a similar grant in the past (prior to June 30, 2021), you can apply again.

Value: $2500 – Inquire Today


Grant Option 2 – eCommerce

This grant is aimed specifically at adding eCommerce functionality to your website.

Grant money can be put towards:

  • Implementation or improvement of eCommerce capability on your website
  • Development of a brand-new e-commerce website
  • Online reservation or booking
  • Purchase of eCommerce software
  • Search engine optimization (related to eCommerce)
  • Digital marketing initiatives (related to eCommerce)

Service-based business? You can still apply.

Some of the ways service-based businesses can use this grant include:

  • Accept online payments for services, deposits, consultations, etc.
  • Accept online payments monthly subscriptions
  • Sell access to VIP/members-only areas of your website

It has been said that eCommerce adoption has accelerated 10 years due to the pandemic – this is the perfect time to get started or improve on your existing solution.

Value: $2400 – Inquire Today

NOTE: This program is offered by the federal government and is available to provinces outside Ontario.


Some businesses will qualify for BOTH grants

If your business meets the required criteria for both grants, you can apply for both, totaling in $4900 to invest towards your website design, eCommerce, online presence and digital marketing.

Please inquire to see if your business meets these requirements.


Participant requirements

Both programs have eligibility requirements that must be met prior to applying.

Please inquire to see if your business meets these requirements.


Ontario Website Grant Availability

The Grow Your Business Online and Digital Transformation Grants both have different availability windows.

The Digital Transformation Grant has a strict timeline and should be acted on quickly.

The Grow Your Business Online Grant has a little more flexibility, but there is a limit on how many grants are being offered.

Please inquire about timing and availability.


What services can Pixel Perfect help my business with?

Pixel Perfect is equipped and ready to help qualifying businesses with both programs.

For the Digital Transformation Grant, businesses can leverage:

For the Grow Your Business Online Grant, businesses can leverage:


Don’t leave money on the table…

If you’re interested in taking advantage of one of these programs but need help identifying how to best use the funds, please contact us today and we can review how to create the greatest impact.

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