Website Solutions for Business Growth

Whether you’re launching a startup or have an established brand, Pixel Perfect can help you leverage the web to drive more business through our strategic design solutions.

Website Solutions for Small Business

Startups & Small Business

If your business needs are simple, or you’re working with a fixed marketing budget, our startup and SMB solutions will be the perfect fit for your new website.

These solutions are ‘turn-key’. That allows us to expedite the design process by leveraging a custom design from our library, brand it to match your business, and develop content to match your unique goals and vision.

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Established Businesses & Organizations

Businesses that are more established, or have complex needs, require our more sophisticated website build. This offering provides your business with a ‘from scratch’ approach, where everything is crafted to fit your unique business needs, goals and objectives.

This solution typically includes a fully custom design, and a more in-depth strategic process. Additionally we can integrate with your internal operations to streamline business systems.

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Website Services Established Business
Website Services for Agencies

Agencies & Software Companies

If your agency or software company doesn’t have the resources, capacity or expertise in-house, Pixel Perfect can help fill the gap. These services can include everything from design, to front-end programming, to strategic consulting.

To learn more about our solutions for agencies and software companies, please contact us.

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If you’re a freelance designer or aspiring creative director in need of some guidance and direction to help level-up your career, business savvy and skill set, our Coaching and Mentoring program could be the right fit for you.

Programs are designed around the career goals of each individual and can range from weekly to monthly interactions. If you’re willing to take action strive to be better, this is the solution for you.

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Coaching & Mentoring for Web Designers
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