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If your is website not optimized across four essential areas, you’re missing out on more than just traffic. You’re missing out on engagement, leads, and sales. This hurts your cash flow and growth potential for your business. Identifying the gaps can be complex, especially when the starting points aren’t clear. This is where the Website Scorecard can help.

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The Website Scorecard is a personalized ASSESSMENT & GUIDE to unlock the full potential of your website. A $395 Value!

With a focus on the Four Key Pillars, we provide a clear roadmap to elevate your site from functional to phenomenal.

  • Design & User Experience
  • Content & Engagement
  • SEO & Performance
  • Conversion & Leads

Gain Critical Insights and Actionable Steps with the Website Scorecard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive the Website Scorecard?

You’ll receive your Website Scorecard within approximately 5 business days. During this period, you’ll also get daily emails diving deeper into the four key pillars.

How is the Website Scorecard different from automated website analysis tools?

Unlike automated tools, our Website Scorecard is the culmination of over 20 years of web design and development expertise. It’s manually prepared, ensuring a thorough analysis beyond what automated reports provide.

What's the catch? Is it really free?

No catch! This is a free report. There is no obligation to hire Pixel Perfect after you receive your results. However, based on the findings, we might provide a tailored proposal or offer. By registering, you’ll also receive periodic updates and offers from us.

Will I be able to improve my website based on the feedback from the Scorecard?

It’s possible, depending on your skill level and your ability to make changes to your website. The feedback provided is designed to be actionable, regardless of whether you choose to work with Pixel Perfect for implementation.

Can Pixel Perfect help me make improvements based on the findings?

Let’s chat! Pixel Perfect welcomes new clients, whether local, national, or international. Let’s explore what’s possible together.

How can the Website Scorecard help me if I’m planning a complete website redesign?

The Scorecard is invaluable for redesigns, pinpointing current gaps and offering insights into overlooked areas. It reflects the latest in web trends, visitor expectations, and technology, ensuring your next website meets modern standards.

Is there a follow-up consultation included or available after I receive the Scorecard?

Yes, after receiving your Scorecard, you have the option to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss the findings and potential next steps.

Are there any limitations on who can receive a Website Scorecard?

The Website Scorecard is manually crafted for small businesses. Your business must be registered and active to qualify. While this service isn’t available to other marketing, advertising, or design agencies through the standard form, we’re eager to discuss potential collaborations.

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