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Must have tools & resources for building a business online

Recommended tools and resources

Welcome to the ultimate list of MUST HAVE tools and resources for building a business online.

At Pixel Perfect, we work with clients of all sizes. Many of which are new entrepreneurs looking to build a business online. While they have some ideas on what they need, they’re not always sure where to look.

That’s why we built this list.

A go-to resource for all the tools you might need to build a custom website for your business.

We encourage you to browse the links below and use these tools to get started on building your business online.

Have a suggestion to make this list even better? Let us know…

Recommended Apps, Tools & Resources

Domain Names

We use GoDaddy exclusively for domain names. Partially because it’s cost prohibitive to move them, but also because we think they have great service. It’s not often we have an issue, but when we do, the hold times are short and their call centers are based in North America.

Website Hosting

Flywheel is our go-to website host for WordPress. Their service is amazing. The tools are easy to use. We can manage multiple websites from a single portal. Highly recommended.

Content Management Systems

These days, we use WordPress almost exclusively. However, depending on your project, there are some other decent options out there. Squarespace and Wix can be good options if you’re working with a limited start-up budget.

eCommerce & Payments

Collecting payments or selling a product or service online is becoming a new standard in website development. Below are some of our go-to tools for managing payments online.


In recent years, Email has become more sophisticated. Our email service of choice is Google’s G-Suite. It’s easy to use, affordable, and provides a robust set of tools you can use in your business.

Email Marketing & Automation

If you’re communicating with your clients on a regular basis, or building a sales funnel, it’s important to have the right email marketing and automation tools. Our go-to is MailChimp. It’s easy to use and free to get started.

Online Advertising & Retargeting

If your business is ready to try out paid online advertising, these services below will help you along the way.

Website Optimization & Conversion

Keep your website optimized is one of the most important things you can do to get found on Google and convert visitors to customers. Google Analytics is installed on all Pixel Perfect websites prior to launch, and depending on the unique objectives, you may see some of these other tools utilized as well.

Stock Photos

If you’re in need of images for your website, or do not have any professional photos, stock photography websites can be a great resource. We regularly use all three of the services below.

Image Editing & Optimization

We use the Adobe Creative Suite (eg. Photoshop) exclusively, but that’s not a great option for most small business owners. Here are some great tools to work with images for your website.

Have a suggestion on how to make this list better?

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