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Improve SEO and generate more clicks on Google’s search results!

Your Meta Tags may be hurting your SEO and limiting the clicks you get on Google.

If your website is not getting a lot of traffic or ranking well on Google, you may have an issue with your Meta Tags.


Not sure what Meta Tags are?

You can find them displayed on Google’s search results, and shared content on social media.

Every listing shows a Meta Title and Meta Description for the displayed webpage. (and no, this is not related to Facebook aka Meta)

It matters because it’s just one of the ways that will impact how much traffic you get to your website. Imagine every page showed up the same – neither Google nor your visitors would know whether or not the page was relevant to them.

Next time you search for something, pay attention to which link you click on and why.

Likely you’ve clicked on a specific listing because it best described what you were looking for – This is what you need to consider when you’re thinking about the Meta Tags on each page of your website.


Writing the Meta Title and Description doesn’t have to be complicated. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to visit your website.

When you write them, think about how you can best tease the answer for what your potential visitor is searching for while sharing what the page is about.

Your Meta Title can include:

  • Subject (i.e. product or service)
  • Use Case (eg. type of customer)
  • City (important for local businesses)
  • Your Business’s Name

Each title should only be 50-60 characters in length. You may not be able to fit everything, so if you have to skip your company name that’s ok.

When writing for a home page, I typically use business, subject, and city.

Pixel Perfect | Web Design & Online Strategy | Niagara, ON

Your Meta Description is similar, however, you should write these so that your potential visitor feels compelled to click your link. Think of this as a “Teaser” for the page.

Your Meta Description can include:

  • Subject
  • Use Case
  • Results/Impact
  • City

Each description should be 150-160 characters in length and be written in such a way that people feel compelled to click on your link over someone else.

Think of the meta description as a “Hook”. In most cases, this is simply teasing the result or outcome they will get from visiting your page.

Generate more leads, sales, & online credibility with our strategic web design, branding, and online strategy – serving Niagara and beyond.

In this example, I’ve covered the result, how I do it, and where my clients are located.


Now that we know what Meta Tags are, why they’re important, and how to write them, it’s time for you to take a look at your website.

Do an audit of each page and ask yourself if you’ve covered all the items on this list.

Not sure where to start (or too busy)? Let’s chat about how we can get your website up to snuff so that you can start driving more traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

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