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How new entrepreneurs are chasing their dream and building businesses online

Start an online business

Have you ever thought about starting a side business to generate some extra income?

These days, just about everyone I meet has had the thought cross their mind.

I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy some extra money for things like investments, vacation, or even the kids education fund?

At Pixel Perfect, we’ve recently had an influx of new web design clients that are chasing the dream of building something on the side. Many of which hope to one day ditch the 9-5 and make their new side business a full-time gig.

Does this sound like you?

Most people are not sure where to start…

One thing that’s interesting about these clients is that even though they have an idea, many of them have no clue on where to start.

They are not tech-savvy.

They have no (or limited) previous entrepreneurial experience.

They’re not sure about what business model they should use.

While they may be lacking in technical and business knowledge, they all share a common trait… they have a wealth of knowledge they want to share with the world.

Getting started is easier than you think!

If you find yourself nodding in agreement, you probably have an idea too, but how do you start?

That’s where Pixel Perfect can help.

We take care of the technical bits and consult on different online business models to help make the most of your expertise and knowledge.

There are many different online business models to choose from.

While most people immediately think of big eCommerce websites like Amazon, the truth is there are 100’s of different ways to earn money online.

Here are some of my favourites…

1. Virtual Consulting

This is one of the easiest ways to get your feet wet with online business. If you have expertise in a specific area, you can charge for online consultations.

This is great for people involved in training, teaching, coaching, counselling, and more.

All you need to get started is a website form to collect payment and a tool for live video (eg. Skype).

2. Online Courses

If you have specific expertise that can be converted to a teachable format, an online course may be the right online business model for you.

An easy way to get started would be to create a PowerPoint presentation with recorded narration.

You can create one or more videos and post them in a ‘members-only’ area on your website.

You would need some technology to manage registrations and process payment, but for the most part this would run completely on auto-pilot.

3. Digital Products

Perhaps you have expertise in creating specific documents or digital files that are of value to others?

This could include training resources, templates, graphics, audio files, and more.

Selling digital products is easier than you think.

An eCommerce website setup to handle file downloads is exactly what you need to get started. You can even limit the number of downloads per sale to prevent unauthorized sharing!

4. Online Memberships

Large companies like Netflix use this business model, but that doesn’t mean you can’t too. An online membership is great for businesses that produce regular fresh content.

This could be articles, videos, courses or downloadable files. Basically any kind of information that is consumed on an ongoing basis.

This business model is highly sought after because it generates recurring revenue, or as I like to call it, the ‘Holy Grail’ of online business.

This is just scratching the surface!

There are many other business models to choose from and often times a combination of more than one can be applied to maximize your potential.

Because most new entrepreneurs are not sure what business model will fit their expertise, a discovery session is a good place to start.

We meet with new clients regularly to help them figure out their business model and provide estimates on what the investment will be to get things up and generating revenue.

Are you ready to chase your dream?

Building a business is not easy. If it ways, everyone would be doing it.

The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone.

Pixel Perfect can be your digital partner to help you take your dream to reality.

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