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Project Management

Pixel Perfect works with clients across North America, leveraging the latest project management technology to keep communication clear, files organized, and projects on-time.

Website Design Project Management

Streamlined Project Management

Smooth project management can make even the most complex project a breeze to complete. To create an enjoyable experience for both our clients and us, we leverage the latest technology matched with good communication to get the job done.

Every new project starts out with an invitation to our project management software and a welcome message from your project manager. We then guide your through each phase of the project, collecting information and other assets (i.e. images, files, etc.) along the way.

Virtual Meetings

While there is no match for an in-person meeting, a close second would be a virtual meeting with online screen sharing.

We use a few different services to work with our clients in real-time. This means we can talk on the phone (or with your computer headset) as well as share what is on our computer screen.

While in-person meetings can be part of the project, we find virtual meetings tend to me more convenient for our clients and their team.

Virtual Web Conference Meetings

Basecamp Project Management

Basecamp – Our Project Management Software

We keep communication streamlined with a project management software called Basecamp.

All online communication and file sharing happens through this portal, keeping everyone involved up to date and on the same page.

As many members of your team that will be involved in the project will receive an invite. There is even a free mobile app to keep you connected on the go.

Visit Basecamp.com to learn more.

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