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Our Process

Every project delivered by Pixel Perfect goes through a systematized process.

How We Build Websites

Strategy & Needs

1. Strategy & Needs Assesment

In this phase, we will lead a strategy discussion to fully understand your goals and objectives, who your target audience is, and your unique value proposition. This information will be the foundation for the project and inform decisions regarding design, calls to action and more.


2. Design

Leveraging the information collected during the strategy and needs assessment phase, our team will develop the design or graphics specific to the project. Upon completion of the design, a presentation meeting will take place to review and collaborate on the design and next steps.

Code & Production

3. Code & Production

Once design artwork is approved, our team moves into code and production phase. This includes translating the designs from flat artwork into fully-coded HTML and CSS (the language of the web). All specialty functionality is also developed during this phase.

Structure & Content

4. Structure & Content

Now that your new website is fully-coded, we move into content phase. This includes building the navigation, populating pages with text, images, forms and more. This process is collaborative and can often evolve organically.

Quality Assurance

5. Quality Assurance

During this phase we thoroughly test all areas of the website to ensure any errors are caught before launch. This includes testing forms, checking content, links and other variables throughout the website.

Launch & Training

6. Launch & Training

Once your new website passes quality assurance, we’re ready to go live. This step involves making sure your domain name (.com or .ca) is pointed properly, uploading all the website files to the server, and submitting the sitemap to Google.

If you’re planning on managing the website yourself, we provide full training to help get you and your team up and running.

Post Launch Review

7. Post Launch Review

This meeting typically takes place 2-3 months after your website has gone live. We use this meeting to analyze and measure the progress the new website has been made, and determine if any adjustments are needed.

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