Mobile Test your Website in 15 Seconds

Posted Sep 21st, 2013 in Tips, Technology

Having a website that performs well on every device is crucial these days - but how do you mobile test? HubSpot has recently developed a pretty slick (Free) tool to do just that. 

HubSpot Device Lab

Click the image below to quickly mobile test your website with the HubSpot Device Lab.

Hubspot Mobile Test

The entire test takes about 15 seconds and gives you a nice overview of how your website looks on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad and some Adroid devices.

Pixel Perfect is fully responsive so it looked pretty good. 

Is your website responsive?

If your website did not look great during the test it may be time to upgrade to a responsive website. Take a peak at my post from the other week that tells you 'All you need to know about Responsive Web Design'.


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